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olive garden chicken scampi

Olive Garden Chicken Scampi

This recipe was posted somewhere by a person that said she had worked at the Olive Garden. I wish I had kept her name because it does taste exactly like the Olive Garden's scampi and I and a lot of people that I have shared this recipe with would like to thank her. I have cut the original recipe down to 1/2 and then again for about 6 servings. I have found that the sauce freezes beautifully, so I make a full batch at a time and freeze in serving sizes. Hope you enjoy as much as I have.

Here is the recipe from the Olive Garden. The chicken tenderloins are the only thing not authentic. They come into the restaurant already prepared.

1 (1/2) (1/3) pound butter
1/3 cup (3 tablespoons) (2 tablespoons) garlic puree
1/3 cup (3 tablespoons) (2 tablespoons) chicken base (Minors or Tone brand)
20 (10) (8) fluid ounces Chablis (I used any dry white wine)
20 (10) (8) fluid ounces water
40 (20) (16) fluid ounces crThank's For Reading olive garden chicken scampi Easy Recipes

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