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diabetic thanksgiving cheesecake

Diabetic Thanksgiving Cheesecake

Source: Home Cooking Magazine 11/91

Yield: 36 servings

1 (3 ounce ) box any flavor sugar-free gelatin
8 ounces light cream cheese
1 package D-Zerta topping, whipped as package directs
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
22 packets Sweet n' Low
7 tablespoons margarine, from sticks

Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup warm water. Set aside to cool. Mix together 6 packages Sweet n' Low and graham cracker crumbs. Add melted margarine. Press 2 cups of crumb mixture firmly into 9 x 13-inch pan. Reserve rest for top.

Cream 16 packages Sweet n' Low with cream cheese. Stir in prepared whipped topping. Pour mixture over crust and sprinkle with remaining cracker crumbs. Chill 3-4 hours. Also freezes well.

Makes 36 squares - 37 calories per square.

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