THE Reality Tv Pros And Cons-Phenomenon In TV TodayReality Tv Pros And Cons-Phenomenon In TV Today

When the first reality shows hit the major networks, it did not take long for them to blow up and become a cultural phenomenon with literally dozens of shows following after it. Reality TV allows us an almost escape from our daily lives and allows us to see normal people like us put into abnormal situations. Whether it is them racing around the globe to win millions of dollars or being turned into a pop idol.

When thinking about the Reality tv pro and cons you need to first realize that Reality TV is entertainment, and is thus subjective. Not everyone will like reality tv, or they may like it but dislike certain shows. So when trying to figure out what the pros and cons are you need to think only about yourself and what pros and cons are for you.

You may look at the long list of reality tv programs that come out every year and you might be wondering what you will enjoy. Well, I personally tend to stick to the more comedic ones. For example, Betty White's latest series Off their Rockets. Reality TV shows like that I find to be a great deal of fun because no matter what they can bring a smile to my face.

But like I said, Reality tv pro and cons differ from person to person. Maybe you enjoy comedy, but also want some drama as well. Maybe you enjoy watching the proverbial train wreck and you just can not look away. Then you may want some of the more, for lack of a better term, racy shows such as The Bachelor.

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure that most everyone shares in some form or another. Our reasons for watching can be vastly different but most everyone has seen at least one reality tv show. You may watch them because you enjoy seeing people accomplish something. You may enjoy watching your average joe turn into a singing superstar or famous chef. You may enjoy watching someone overcome their own limitations and get in shape or flex their mind and prove themselves capable of running a business.

Or you may enjoy reality TV for a darker reason. As I said above, a lot of us describe reality shows as a train wreck. We know it is bad but we still can not help but be fascinated. So we tune in every week to see what new drama unfolds and we get to peer in and watch as these people screw up in such a magnificent manner.

Regardless of why you watch, reality shows can be fun for most anyone. If you are looking for the Reality tv pro and cons in order to determine which show you will like best, first figure out why you are watching in the first place, and then look into shows that sound like they would appeal to your tastes. There are so many types of reality shows out there now days that you are bound to find at least one that sparks your fancy.THANKS FOR READING REALITY TV PROS AND CONS-PHENOMENON IN TV TODAY

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