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tomato pudding

Tomato Pudding (and great story!)

This is from my close friend who shares this story: "My great, great grandparents (on the Bogan family side) loved this recipe served at a local restaurant, and requested the recipe. The chef turned them down, but they were persistent and years later, the chef said "yes" but the price was $100 dollars for the recipe. That was a considerably large amount of money back then but all the relatives pulled together to raise the fee. Once Great Great Grandma Bogan had the recipe, and after paying such a sum for it, she gave it to everyone who would receive it. Since that time, it has become a holiday favorite in our family. PASS IT ON!" I have tasted it and it's like a sweet/sour pudding that's a great side dish. Sounds weird but it's good.

2 (12 ounce) cans tomato purThank's For Reading tomato pudding Easy Recipes

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