Pre Foreclosure Homes

 Losing your home to foreclosure is never a fun experience. Everyone out there wants to pay their dues, wants to be a model citizen and not cause a hassle but with the economy the way it is, sometimes we simply do not have the money. In situations like this it can be extremely stressful as you fall behind, wondering what you are going to do to avoid losing your home.

However not all is lost, there is still hope out there. There are ways you can avoid have your home put on a list of pre foreclosure homes. If you act early and utilize the following tips you can keep your house and continue making the payments necessary.

  1. Do not avoid creditors. Nobody likes having creditors constantly call them. You may get to the point where you do not even bother to pick up the phone, knowing it is them. Instead, make contact with them and tell them your situation.
  2. Ask about ways they can modify your payment plan so that you can actually make your payments. Creditors want you as a borrower as it makes them more money, and they are not interested in entering the foreclosure process if they do not have to.
  3. Start early. You know whether or not you can pay your bills long before creditors start hounding you. Get a jump on the problem by contacting them first to try and talk about ways of modifying the payment plan before you fall too far behind. As well you can talk to a Department of Housing and Urban Development agent about pre foreclosure homes and how to avoid losing your home.
  4. Prioritize your mortgage. Out of all your bills your mortgage is easily one of the most important, as such it should be the first thing you pay off. You can live without television or cable, but losing your house is not something you want to go through. So make sure you give it the utmost priority when doing bills.
  5. Learn about the problem. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better you can protect yourself. If you are having foreclosure issues then it is advised you re-read through your mortgage documents and looking up what rights you have and ways you can protect yourself from having your home foreclosed on.
  6. Seek help. Ultimately, there is only so much you alone can do. If it does not seem to be enough then you should seek out professionals who can help you out. In your current situation you may not want to have to pay any added expenses but the fee required may well be worth it if you are able to save your house.

Housing counselors are professionals and know the ins and outs of the trade. Utilizing their expertise, connections, and knowledge can make all the difference. So as much of a hassle as it may be, it is better then having your home tossed on a pre foreclosure homes list and being forced to live on the street.