THE Pregnancy StretchmarksPregnancy Stretchmarks

If you do not do anything to prevent them, pregnancy stretchmarks will happen. During the time the baby is growing so is the skin of your belly. Something has got to give and it will be your skin. So do what you can to help prevent them from the get go.

Start with good nutrition and drinking all the water you can. This is the best way to keep yourself and your skin hydrated so it retains all the elasticity it needs. Just in case though, you may want to invest in a good moisturizer and use it dedicatedly, especially after bathing when your skin is soft from the water.

A diet rich in the vitamins and minerals you need like A, C and E is essential to having a healthy baby as well as staying your healthiest during your pregnancy. Yes, you are eating for two but that does not mean you do not have to watch what you eat. Stay on the healthy track because the more weight you gain the more likely it is that you will have some pregnancy stretchmarks.

A daily exercise plan should be put in place also. Walking during your pregnancy is a great way to stay in shape and will help your skin bounce back quickly from being pregnant. Walk at least 30 minutes a day to stay in shape and when the time comes even your labor will be easier, too. Do not forget to drink lots of water. Carry a bottle with you when you walk.

Cocoa butter is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin during pregnancy. It is a deep moisturizer the really penetrates the skin to keep it soft and elastic before, during and after the pregnancy. you can start using it any time and it will help the stretch marks from forming.

Even if you are only in the planning stages of becoming pregnant, start using it. Your skin will love you for it. Cocoa butter is a natural substance derived from the fat of the cacao bean and is used for many things.

It promotes regeneration of the skin and is well absorbed. You will find it as a part of other lotions and creams or you will find it all by itself. For preventing stretchmarks you should buy the thickest preparation you can find, like a body butter. The thicker the texture of the cocoa butter the better skin softening you will notice and the less chance you will develop stretch marks.

Vitamin E oil is another good way to treat your growing belly. You can find a bottle of vitamin E oil or you can buy the capsules and puncture them to get the oil out then just rub it in to your belly for the same effect as the cocoa butter. Vitamin E oil has some of the same skin regenerating properties as the cocoa butter it just comes in oil form.

Do your own research, too, to find something that you think will work. I think any good moisturizer will work to some extent but if you really do not want any pregnancy stretchmarks then use one of the products highlighted here to prevent them from starting in the first place.THANKS FOR READING PREGNANCY STRETCHMARKS