THE Port Wine Birthmark Remover-Laser Is Best ChoicePort Wine Birthmark Remover-Laser Is Best Choice

The best port wine birthmark remover is something called a pulsed-dye laser. This type of laser reduces the appearance of the port wine stain by shrinking the blood vessels that cause it. No one knows why birthmarks happen, they just do. Most of the birthmarks do not cause medical problems but the placement of some may be cosmetically challenging.

Kids can be cruel and if your child has a birthmark on their face they will most likely come home crying at some point due to the teasing and ridicule. Console your child as best you can and talk to the school counselor and the principal about the treatment your child is getting at school. Hopefully your intervention will make a difference. No child should have to suffer at the hands of someone who can be cruel.

Different lasers are intended for different birthmark removal. As I stated earlier the pulsed-dye laser is the laser used as the port wine birthmark remover and the Q-switched lasers are used for pigmented tan or brown birthmarks.

Complete removal may be impossible in some cases but with the application of the laser light to the birthmark some lightening should be visible after the first few treatments. So, decide if the procedure is good for you and then talk seriously about the whole situation to your doctor.

Not only can the laser treatment lighten the birthmark or even get rid of it all together it can also boost your self-esteem. If the birthmark was where it could be seen and you even got teased and ridiculed as a child then having it gone should be quite the relief. Maybe it would inspire you to go get a new hair style and some new clothes. You no longer have to feel bad about yourself and embarrassed to go out in public.

Moles are usually removed by surgical means and if you have several then you can talk to your doctor about removing them. Laser treatment is used for superficial birthmarks like port wine stains or pigmented tan and brown birthmarks. Lasers cannot be used for cavernous hemangiomas that undermine the skin and other internal organs. Hemangiomas may be able to get some laser treatment to prevent them from getting bigger and ruining more underlying tissue.

During treatment, the doctor will position the laser over the affected area and apply the laser to the skin in short precise bursts of light. What happens if the capillaries that form the birthmark get burned away or at least shrunken in size this greatly reduces the appearance of the birthmark and the patient sees marked improvement. Some birthmarks may need more than one treatment depending on their size and depth of color.

Since the patient must remain as still as possible then there may be some sedatives you can take before the procedure and children may need to be put out completely. There is some discomfort, but not a lot, and a mild pain reliever may be needed after your port wine birthmark remover procedure.THANKS FOR READING PORT WINE BIRTHMARK REMOVER-LASER IS BEST CHOICE