Personality Test- Your Time Management

All of us have heard quite a lot about time management. Thousands of books have appeared on this subject. The objective of time management is - how to set priorities, how to allocate time, how to effectively use it, and how to get the best of the given time.

After learning all this and implementing it, most of the people manage to implement only a part over the long term. Write down today's work, and give it priority ranks. Nothing more is done by a large majority. How is your time management? What skills have you developed in this and can you measure the increase in effectiveness?

Do you assign time to every work? If yes, is that allocation on the higher side or lower side? With the higher allocation of time, you will waste it and with a lower allocation, you will undergo stress. How do you do that? I have a small suggestion. Estimate fair time and give a tolerance of about twenty-five percent to that. For example, if you allocate one hour to write a report, take fifteen minutes as tolerance. So you will not undergo stress for at least one and quarter hours.

Are you assigning time to unexpected developments? You might be working on an assignment and suddenly your client calls you with a complaint that needs immediate attention. What will happen to your schedule? It will all go haywire. To avoid time management problems here, separate the most important tasks that must be done in the given time and draw another list of tasks that can be safely postponed. This will help you avoid stress.

Time management is both an art and a science. Don't become its slave. Make it your tool to work efficiently. Avoid getting pressurized by your own goals.