THE Personal Loan After Bankruptcy 7 Tips For Getting A Personal LoanPersonal Loan After Bankruptcy 7 Tips For Getting A Personal Loan

If you've gone through some tough times and had to file for bankruptcy, you no doubt already know the hit your credit rating has taken. It will take up to 10 years to really get everything off of your credit report. The good news is that you may be able to get a personal loan after bankruptcy, before the 10 year period is up.

Here are some things to take into consideration when trying to get a loan:

1. You have to wait at least until your bankruptcy is discharged. You will never get a loan if you have an undischarged bankruptcy. Why? Because if your bankruptcy isn't discharged it basically means it's still open and you could add the new loan to your bankruptcy.

2. You have to realize that even if you are able to get a loan after a bankruptcy it will cost you. You won't be eligible for any great rates or discounts. You will have to pay top dollar for any loan you may get since the bank will consider you a higher risk than someone who hasn't filed for bankruptcy.

3. Make sure that you don't get in over your head. Leave a lot of wiggle room in your budget when you are considering a loan. Don't even try to get a loan that will leave you with little room in your monthly budget.

4. Make sure that you pay every single bill on time. Once you've had a bankruptcy it's kind of like you are on financial probation. You just won't have as much latitude is someone else might get.

5. Wait. The longer you wait between the time your bankruptcy was discharged and the time you are applying for a loan the higher the chance you'll get approved. This is especially true if you've been paying all your bills, such as any car loans or mortgage payments you may still have after the bankruptcy, on time. Utility bills are also looked at.

6. After a bankruptcy you will have a little easier time if you try to get a secured loan than an unsecured loan. A secured loan just means that you are putting up some sort of collateral. This is what a mortgage is, a secured loan. The bank won't be so exposed to losing money if they have some asset that they can take over and sell if you default on your loan.

7. Be especially careful of scammers. They prey on people who are down on their luck and who don't have many options such as someone who needs a loan and has a bankruptcy on their record. It's very easy to get taken advantage of so you might want to just stay with your local banks when trying to get a loan. It's far less likely that your local corner bank will scam you.

Getting a personal loan after bankruptcy will be challenging, but it's not impossible. Follow these tips and you'll have a much better time of finding a loan. Be careful that you don't overextend yourself and get into trouble. If you're careful this can be a great way to rebuild your credit. Good luck.THANKS FOR READING PERSONAL LOAN AFTER BANKRUPTCY 7 TIPS FOR GETTING A PERSONAL LOAN

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