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Want some personal financial advice? Get your finances under control so you can live a better life and finally see the future in decent light. Too many people only react to the things that happen in their lives, very few are proactive. Reacting to the things that happen to you only means that things will keep happening to you, you will never make yourself successful by reacting.

By being proactive, you can see the obstacles before they become obstacles. You can nip the bad things that come along in the bud before they become worse things. Being proactive and setting a budget you can live with and getting yourself out of debt can help decrease the stress life brings with it and help lower your blood pressure as well.

My personal financial advice to you includes setting up goals and mapping out a way to get them accomplished. One by one you should start at the smallest and work toward the biggest. When one gets gone then put that money toward the next smallest all up until you get to the biggest and then they will all be gone and you will wonder what the heck you were waiting for.

There is no better feeling in the world than getting yourself out of debt and knowing that you will never owe anyone any more money, ever. I know what this feels like because I have done it. My husband and I were about $25,000 in debt and with diligence and perseverance, I did just what I have outlined for you. 

I put most of the money toward the smallest bill, all while keeping up the minimum payments on the other bills, too. I paid one off and then put that payment toward the next smallest bill. On and on until the last payment of the last bill was right there in my fingertips and when I sent that payment off and knew for a fact I had done it I stood in the middle of the kitchen and did my version of the happy dance.

No matter where you are in your financial life you should still remember to put some money away in savings. This should be your emergency fund and it should equal at least 3 months' salary. This way if something happens to you or your spouse and you can not continue to work then at least you have some to fall back on. Three months is the minimum amount. I know of one person I am acquainted with who needs to have surgery and is trying to save up at least six months of living expenses. I wish him well.

One way to achieve this emergency fund is to put all your money into a high-interest savings account where you accrue quite a bit of interest on the balance. Do not ever touch this amount until you really need it. Use it for whatever emergency situation comes up but always, always, always replenish what was used. This is very important personal financial advice for you to take into consideration.

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