Penis Hair Removal - Tips To Make It Painless and Easier

More and more men are finding that by limiting the amount of body hair they have, they are increasing the number of potential partners they can get.  It's true, today more women prefer men with less body hair than in times past.  This 'manscaping' also includes the genital area.  Few women consider it sexy when a man has a big bush of pubic hair.  To find the best penis hair removal method for you here are some ideas to consider. 

When it comes to removing body hair, no matter what part of the body it's on, there are really only a few options: shaving, wax, chemicals, laser, and electrolysis.  These methods can be used even in the sensitive genital area for most men although if you have unusually sensitive skin you may want to test a small spot first to see how your skin reacts before you commit to using a certain method all over your genital area. 

Here are some tips to make your manscaping less painful and easier:

  1. If your pubic hair is particularly long and bushy you should first trim it with scissors.  By cutting some of the hair off first, you won't clog up the razor as quickly.  
  2. Never, ever use an old razor when trimming your pubic area.  This is not the place you want to get a lot of razor burn.  Use a brand new razor or at least a brand new blade when manscaping.
  3. Use some top-quality shaving cream to lessen the friction of the razor.  Another trick is to apply a warm hot towel to your pubic area for a few minutes before you start shaving. 
  4. Make sure to rinse the razor often, again a clogged blade will only irritate your skin that much more. 
  5. This one may sound obvious but make sure you take your time. Use slow and careful strokes of the razor to avoid nicks.  
  6. The styling choices are totally up to you.  Some men prefer to completely shave their penis and the whole pubic area, others will leave some hair on their testicles, and still, others will leave their penis and testicles hair covered but will trim the pubic area above the penis.  Whatever you decide just make sure to keep in mind that it does take maintenance, you will need to trim fairly often to keep the desired look. 
  7. To alleviate some of the burnings of shaving you can use a top-quality calming lotion, baby oil and even an ice cube that can help reduce the friction of shaving. 

If you're a little worried about manscaping I have three words for you: get over it.  Women have been doing this for years, suck it up guys, and show your woman that you want to look as good for her as she does for you.  Find the best method of penis hair removal and stick with it.  After all, what would you say if your woman came to bed one night with a big bush of hair under her arms?  What makes you think she likes it any more than you do?