Webkinz Website: Features Your Child Gains Access To

THE Webkinz Website:  Features Your Child Gains Access ToWebkinz Website:  Features Your Child Gains Access To - Are you the parent of a child who would like to have a Webkins pet, also commonly spelled Webkinz?  If you are, you should know exactly what it is your child is getting.

When you purchase a Webkins pet for your child, they will also get a secret code.  This secret code is attached to the tag and it will unlock a world of fun for them online.  The Webkinz website, where the code will be entered in, allows your child to adopt an online version of their plush animal. They will then be able to care for their virtual pet in a fun and safe online world.

As nice as it is to hear that your child can have a fun and safe time on the Webkinz website, you may be looking for more information. You may be curious as to what website features your child gains access to.  In all honesty, you may be surprised just how much fun they can have online.  However, for your convenience, a few of the many features that your child will gain access are highlighted and briefly discussed below.

One popular area of the Webkinz website is that of KinzChat.  Unfortunately, many parents automatically state  there is no way I am going to let my child chat with strangers online. That is what is nice about the website.  There are two different chat areas and both are very safe.  In the standard area, your child is unable to type of their messages.  Instead, they must select a prewritten messages from a list.  The second option is KinzChat Plus.  Here, your child is able to type their own message, but not just anything can be typed.  Certain words, such as those that are adult in nature or offensive cannot be posted or the message will be blocked.

Another fun feature that your child will gain access to, when they use a Webkins virtual pet, is that of a question and answer section.  This area is known as Quizzy's.  Here, your child will get to answer a number of questions.  They are all fun, exciting, and many are also educational.  All questions are also easy to answer and age appropriate.  Many of the quizzes that your child can take will also allow them to earn KinzCash, which can be used to help your child care for their adopted pet by purchasing needed supplies and other cool accessories.

In addition to the fun question and answers section, your child also gains access to other fun games, namely arcade games.  According to the website, three popular games are those Quizzy's Word Challenge, which promotes spelling, Lunch Letters, which promotes typing and spelling, and Operation Gumball, which promotes logical thinking.  Many of the arcade games on the website can be used to earn KinzCash, which as previously stated can be used to help care for a pet.

Two other neat features that your child will gain access to when taking care of their Webkins pet online is the W Tales and the Webkinz News.  Both of these sections are educational and fun.  They promote reading, writing, creativity, and problem-solving.

The Webkinz Studio is another feature on the website that your child will likely enjoy.  What you first need to know, is that is must be purchased with KinzCash; however, it is easy for your child to do so.  In the studio, they and their adopted animals can create fun mini-movies.  They can also choose and buy additional actors, choose from selected scenes, view, and edit their creations.  This feature promotes creativity.

As it was previously stated, your child can buy the Webkinz Studio online with their virtual cash.  There are also additional purchases that can be made.  This can be done at the W Shop or the Curio Shop.  What your child will find available for sale with their virtual cash will vary, but they sell books, expansion packs for games, treadmills, furniture, toys, and so much more.