Cardano Price Prediction 2021

Cardano Price Prediction 2021

Cardano Price Prediction 2021

Hello everybody let's jump into the more realistic price prediction for ADA for 2021 and I'm gonna jump on the chart here and show you so you can understand how I got to this new and more realistic price let's go all right so here I'm gonna have the bitcoin chart and the Cardano ADA the chart right below it I always use bitcoin as a reference because bitcoin is the king of cryptos at the moment and has been since it came out and uh all cryptos pretty much go up and down when bitcoin does because all coins usually go up after bitcoin had its rally and starts to level out or go down a little bit. 

That's why I use bitcoin as a key reference the realistic price prediction for the end of the bull market cycle for 2021 for Cardano ADA is actually 14 so I'm gonna break it down now so you can see how I came to that number and see if that's a number that you may agree with as well and if not it's okay everyone can have their own opinion remember I'm not a financial advisor so do your own research um this is just for entertainment purposes only all right. 

So how we come up with this price is by taking a look at history usually bull market or super cycles as they're called they're usually very similar they happen every three to four years they usually work in the same way because it's an emotional cycle for buying and selling of that asset so back in 2017 using the 2017 previous bull market cycle bitcoin rallied up a total of 17 x from its previous all-time high meaning 17x is a thousand seven hundred and fifteen percent upwards it was at a thousand one hundred and sixty and it went all the way up to nineteen thousand nine 900. 

On December 20 of 2017. ethereum on the other hand went up a whole 120x litecoin went up a whole 89x so the altcoins ethereum and litecoin went up a whole lot more than bitcoin did okay so now that we have those numbers out of the way i want to show you the charts here so that you can kind of have an idea of where we are at at the current moment of this bull market cycle i'm gonna actually put another bitcoin chart down here all right so uh on the bottom chart here on the daily we're gonna go back to 2017. 

Okay perfect so this right here was the the peak of the 2017 bull market cycle so if we scroll back a couple months you're going to see these corrections right here that's one correction and then the the last one was this one right here before the final peak and then we had two more corrections here so as you can see at the current cycle where we're at now we had two big corrections so far we had one in January and then we had one now in February to march which is the one that we're currently getting past so taking a look at the 2017 bull market here so this was around September of 2017 and the bull market lasted just another two months because the peak day was December 17 2017. 

So three more months and in those three more months bitcoin did another 4x as you can see here was at about 5 000 this peak and it went all the way up to 19 000. so I did about another 4x of the the remaining term of the cycle so let's take a look at the current cycle so it was December 2016 uh the day bitcoin broke its previous all-time high so it's been about three months now and bitcoin has pretty much 3x because they got all the way up to 58000 and in my opinion bitcoin has like another 4x to go for the end of this bull run cycle so meaning that's it's going to give it a price of around 190 000 for the end of this year's bull market cycle so another 4x from here now cardano 8 on the other hand was about 16 or 17 cents on December 16. 

The day of bitcoin broke its previous all-time highs for me i used that as the date of the beginning of this bull market cycle so it was about 16 cents and it got all the way up to almost a dollar fifty cents so it's almost 10x from the beginning of the bull market cycle like 9 almost 10x from when it started so taking the information from the previous bull run of 2017 since bitcoin did another 4x from the point where we are at right now it's most likely gonna forex from here Cardano doesn't increase in price the same way that bitcoin does it's a altcoin um it's not as big in price so with more demand and Cardano coming out with all of its new products that are gonna be very useful and improving on a lot of the defects that ethereum has Cardano is just like on any all coin it's most likely gonna increase even higher so if bitcoin is gonna do a 4x. 

From here my suggestion is that Cardano should at least and most likely gonna 10x from here or from its recent all-time high so since Cardano's recent all-time high was about a dollar 45 cents I believe that for the end of this boron cycle it should 10x from that price giving it a price of about 14. now another thing to keep in mind remember the bull market cycle in 2017 from the point that it looks like we're at now it ran for another three months because after this second correction it had one more correction and then like a month after and then it went parabolic.  

For the next month so even if we are going to get to those numbers on bitcoin and Cardano ADA be on the lookout because in my opinion, I think it's going to be very soon it should be within the next probably even two months because this bull market cycle is coming around faster than the one in 2017. so always remember to take profits if you're trading use stop losses especially if you're not on top of the charts every day like I am you know the market can just start going bearish before you know it and it's always a good idea to cash out and take profits the highest possible and then get back in once it settles down a little bit lower so just be patient let me know what you think about this price in the comments down below appreciate all of your feedback and that's it.