OPPO and Dynaudio present the world-class OPPO Enco X audio Technology

OPPO continues to present its latest innovations with advanced and capable technology. Collaborating with the premium Hi-Fi audio brand in the world, Dynaudio, this time OPPO is launching the OPPO Enco X premium wireless earphone innovation with the best audio experience.

Chief Creative Officer, OPPO Indonesia, Patrick Owen said quality audio is important in living a quality life. Since the MP3 / MP4 era, OPPO has studied the field of acoustics to prove its innovation in the DVD Blu-ray period. Over the years and across generations, OPPO has always guaranteed high quality audio products.

 "OPPO and Dynaudio both value high quality in both design and technology. Not only do they reflect a deep understanding of acoustics, but they are also capable of delivering great audio experiences to consumers. We believe that technology is a musical instrument of a new era and Enco X is a masterpiece of the best audio technology from OPPO and Dynaudio, "he said in a written statement.
About the OPPO collaboration, Patrick said the two teams had carried out various explorations to finally produce OPPO Enco X with qualified technology. Various modifications were made to create sophisticated audio details.

 "The two teams began to collaborate intensively in 2019 to develop OPPO Enco X. We have explored 30 different types of materials and 152 components, and went through 120 structural modifications before finally deciding on the final acoustic structure unique to OPPO Enco X, which is a membrane driver combination that is unique to OPPO Enco X. balanced with dynamic drivers, which are made with a special coaxial structure. This allows the delivery of rich and sophisticated audio details, "he said.

Patrick added that the sophistication of OPPO Enco X certainly cannot be separated from Dynaudio's innovative technology. As a premium Hi-Fi audio brand from Denmark since 1977, Dynaudio has always prioritized precision and meticulous manufacturing in delivering premium quality audio products.
Together with OPPO, Dynaudio is collaborating to transform the 'big speaker' into 'small speaker' that can be immediately enjoyed in the ears of every user. This collaboration is also Dynaudio's step to expand the market scale, including reaching the younger generation of consumers, as well as enriching lives through authentic audio.
Regarding the design and arrangement of OPPO Enco X, OPPO entrusted the team of acoustic experts Dynaudio, led by Daniel Emonts with 30 years of professional experience in the audio industry. A mix of acoustic research, expertise and hundreds of recalibrations over the years have resulted in Enco X audio at its best.

For more information about the OPPO Enco X device, see here. "OPPO and Dynaudio both believe that audio can improve the quality of life for everyone. It is this shared belief that helps both teams overcome the challenges of thousands of kilometers, language barriers and differences. culture in order to create a product that both parties are wholeheartedly proud of and of course expand the opportunities for collaboration in the future