Smartphone Resolution and Trends in 2021

After passing through 2020 which was very hard for the world to feel.  However, the global mobile phone market will gradually recover again in 2021. Vendors will again be eager to flood the market with the latest devices. Besides that, the presence of the following 5 trends will make the cellphone market rise again.  Anything?

Cheap Foldable Screen Phones

This year the market is still enlivened by the presence of folding screen phones.  But not only Samsung and Huawei will launch, other brands will also launch foldable phones.

A number of vendors are planning to release a folding screen smartphone at a more economical price.  That way the adoption of these devices will increase.

 High Refresh Rate

Competition for high refresh rates on smartphone screens will continue this year.  Apple is rumored to be bringing 120Hz support to iPhones this year.

But what attracts the attention of mid-range smartphones will be enlivened by carrying a screen with a refresh rate of 90-120 Hz.  So there's no need to spend a lot of money to sample a smoother screen.

Battery Rechargeable

it is possible that in the future the new smartphone will no longer be accompanied by a charger.  However, the competition for fast charging mobile phone batteries will be even more exciting

This year smartphones will have fast charging features above 120 Watts, at the same time vendors will increase support for fast charging features on cheap smartphones.

Flagship Compact Phones

The presence of the iPhone 12 Mini will be an inspiration for various vendors to make similar smartphones.  Combining high specifications with a body that is smaller than the existing one.

More Qualified Camera Shots

In 2020, nearly every cellphone released will offer artificial intelligence features to help users get cooler camera shots, whether in night or portrait mode, or something much more complex.

This trend will continue along with limitations in optimizing hardware, even if these features are upgraded, of course the price will be more expensive than usual.