Olive Oil For Hair Health

The content contained in olive oil is beneficial for the health and beauty of the body. Olive oil contains a wide range of compounds that contain an important role in the health of the body.

Olive oil turns out to contain benefits for the health of our hair since it is rich in vitamin E to make hair shiny and nourish hair.  So once we know what are the benefits of olive oil for hair health, maybe we can try it next time.

Some contained in olives include tocopherols, sterols, pigments, and squalene. And it also contains triglycerides which are mostly monounsaturated weak acids of omega 9 types.

Know also the benefits of papaya leaves (Read: Knowing the Benefits of Papaya Leaves) which turns out to be very many benefits. You can do this treatment at home so it saves costs, and let's take a look at Olive Oil For Hair Health and how to use it.

As Hair Care

Olive oil is indeed rich in benefits and one of them is for caring or hair care. The trick is to blend olive oil and honey in equal measure. Then apply the mixture to the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair. Then roll and cover the hair with a shower cap, cloth, or towel and let stand 10 minutes then rinse.

To Take Care of Damaged Hair

The second is that olive oil can be used to treat damaged hair, the way is by adding rose petals to the olive oil, store in a sealed bottle for at least 24 hours. After that wipe into the hair with hot water that serves to open the pores of the scalp, then smear and massage for a few minutes.

Can Lengthen Hair

Olive oil is very joss indeed, it is suitable for those of you who dream of having long hair. Do this by smoothing the lemon and pepper then mixing 2 BC of olive oil. And apply on the scalp and leave for 20 minutes then wash using shampoo.

Beneficial For Developing Hair

The fourth benefit is that olive oil is beneficial for developing hair. So that the hair becomes good, the way is by mixing 2 eggs and a cup of olive oil, shake it so that it becomes soft. Then swipe to the roots until the ends of the hair, let stand for 10 minutes then rinse the hair. So that the result of hair will sparkle and expand.

Those are some of the benefits hopefully by knowing the above information you can maximize olive oil. Hopefully, the above information can be useful for you.