How to Fix a Broken Dry Battery

How to Fix Dry Battery.  All items will certainly be able to experience damage not apart from the name of dry battery, the causative factors are different there is damage due to the wrong way of use such as a zipper or it could be because the dry battery you use is too old or it's time to break.

The main advantage of a dry battery we do not need to do special treatment in order for him to last longer. The dry battery itself is just the mention of most people in Indonesia for a battery that is free maintenance / maintenance-free, unlike wet batteries that we always have to research the battery water should not be less than the minimum limit.

Basically dry battery and the wet battery are both using a chemical liquid that is H2SO4, if the condition of damage to your dry battery is due to the lack of liquid then the success rate of this trick will be better.

The battery is one of the components that are very important for the motor and also the car that is used for ignition if it's broken will make it difficult for us to turn on the motor.  Then can the dry battery be repaired? the answer can still, rather than directly buy new it does no harm to try this trick.

Previously you repair your dry battery that has soaked it is good to prepare in advance some equipment that will later be used such as:

  1. Screwdriver Min
  2. Injections
  3. Air battery for new charging such as Zuur or  Sir. Remember not to use battery fluid for addition

After all the equipment is ready, just practice  hopefully there is no mistake okay:

  1. Remove the dry battery from your motorcycle range first.
  2. After that by using a screwdriver min open the battery cover dry, the cover is tight and by the factory, the battery cap is in glue so have to be a little patient to open it
  3. After the battery cover opens next, open again close the dry battery hole whose cover uses rubber.
  4. By using injections of water fill Zuur until approximately 1 cm from the mouth hole.  So don't get so full.
  5. After a hole has been filled, close the battery hole again and also the battery cover after that we re-attach the dry battery that has been repaired into the series of motorcycles.
  6. When you're done, it's all over.  Turn on your motorcycle first but do not use the starter first use a foot on the foot first wait until about 15-20 minutes then turn off the motorcycle
  7. Testing turns on your motor with a starter if it can be turned on means your dry battery is ready to serve.

If the above tricks work may also not last long your dry battery will be back damaged, this trick will be useful if at the time the battery is damaged financial state is still not able to buy a new one if you already have money should buy a new one. Hopefully, this trick can help.