8 Sophisticated Features of Kinemaster

Hello guys, how are you? I Hope you always be healthy and energized. This time, I will discuss a little about one application that comes from Ginseng Country, yups Korea and has several branches around the world, such as in the United States, Spain, China and Taiwan.

So, what application have I discussed? Anyone knows? Yaps, the name is Kinemaster. Kinemaster is a mobile application that specializes in making videos through the editing stage. This application is developed in two versions of the operating system, you know: Android and IOS. And now this application already has a large company and join with NexStreaming Corp.

Instead of taking a long time, this time I will review the KineMaster application more deeply. How does it work, the interface and so on. Come on..

1. Interface

Kinemaster has a simple interface and user friendly for new users, not to be confused with the tools layout. With easy-to-understand icons, kinemaster is perfect for anti-complicated video editors.

2. Project Assistant

This one feature is very helpful, through the Project Assistant feature, users don't need to bother doing the editing process. Project Assistant offers assistance with a systematic set of video creation processes making it much easier for new users.

In the Project Assistant feature, Kinemaster offers you everything from selecting videos, themes, inserting videos, filters, text and much more to becoming a final, great video. Unlike an empty project, this Kinemaster feature is used for editors who already have their own concept or usually want to do the editing process from scratch.

3. Theme

Kinemaster is supported by a variety of theme templates, perfect for new users. Some of these features are free, some are paid. With advantages like this, Kinemaster is very suitable to compete in the professional editor application class.

4. Font

Not only theme templates, but also for font support, Kinemaster is an application that has a variety of fonts. Exploration is also broader in the use of fonts.

5. Media

Kinemaster is an application that supports various media, almost all videos produced by smartphones can support this one application. Kinemaster input is also very easy. Kinemaster is capable of displaying all media through the same screen.

6. Music Support

It is a must in a video editor application to have a music add feature. In Kinemaster, it is also supported to add audio for the video background. Kinemaster has a wider range of music choices where users can choose the source they feel is the most appropriate.  

To open this feature is also fairly easy, you only need to select the audio icon which will be directed to the music folder available on your device.

7. Editing Tool

Kinemaster is one of the winning applications that has the most complete tools and is easy to understand. With the support of these tools, the editing process is very easy and simpler.  

All tools are displayed on one Kinemaster screen. What are the tools from Kinemaster?
Starting from support for multiple layers, voice over, playback, sharing, cut - copy - crop, color filters, color adjustment, vignette, trimming, split, rotate, record from cameras and camcorders, drag and drop, capture frames, duplicate and undo / redo.

8. Watermark free

This time, information came from the updated Kinemaster application. One feature that is highly believed to be a much better video result.  

The Kinemaster application releases a new watermark-free series. So, for you videographers who want to be simple and fast in producing video content, try the Kinemaster application.

That is very Interesting features found in Kinemaster. Professional or novice videographers are obliged to try Kinemaster. But watch out, you will find it difficult to move on from this one application. Okay, that's all for our discussion this time. Don't forget to be happy.