Some Benefits of Cucumbers

Who doesn't know about cucumbers? Cucumbers are very easy to find and are usually served as a complement, salads, rujak, pickles, and fresh drinks. In addition to food and beverages, pieces of cucumber are also often used to moisturize the face.

Even so, there are still not many people who know about the value and health benefits contained in cucumbers. As quoted from Indian Express, here are the various benefits of cucumbers for the health of the body:

Cucumbers consist of 95 percent water, which has more nutritional value than a regular glass of water. Cucumbers help keep the body hydrated and certainly help neutralize toxins in the body. 

Cucumbers contain important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber, which effectively control blood pressure to stay within normal levels. In fact, cucumbers are perfect for people who have high blood pressure. 

Cucumbers contain potassium and are ideal for dry skin. In addition, cucumbers can also reduce dark circles on the eyes. Place slices of cucumber on the eyes daily for 8-10 minutes to reduce dark and puffy circles around the eyes. Or simply use grated cucumber for smooth, fresh skin. 

Sliced or mashed cucumbers which are then applied to the skin for 10 to 15 minutes will help skin problems due to sunburn. It is a natural, gentle, and inexpensive way to treat sunburn.