Manga One Piece Chapter 1000

MangaOne Piece will enter chapter 1000 in early January. However, lovers of this story have got leaked on Friday (12/25/2020) ago.
Curiosity subsided as soon as the leak of The One Piece 1000 story circulated on the Reddit site. As a result, fans around the world including in Indonesia are eager to expose this leak on Twitter.

Fans now know what's in the new chapter of One Piece. From there, it was revealed that Luffy would be getting serious against two Yonkou men, Kaido and Big Mom.

New Move One Piece 

One interesting leak is about the battle between Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law against Kaidou and Big Mom. It is mentioned that Luffy has a new technique called Gomu Gomu Red Rock. He also bullies Kaidou with his screams.

Omens in the Oden Notebook

In addition, there is a scene depicting Yamato's story that in Kozuki Oden's notebook, there is a message that young pirates will appear in the New World in an interval of 20 years.

Ace's Return

Another interesting thing in this leak is the appearance of Ace. Later, there was a scene when Ace and Sabo expressed their confidence that Luffy would be a good and wise leader.

Still The Most In Demand Manga

One Piece is still one of the most popular manga for fans around the world to read. So far only Boruto manga can match the huge enthusiasm of the public all over the Earth.