How to Video Converence Call WhatsApp for Up to 50 People

Competing with Zoom, video calls on WhatsApp can now be through with more people. Not only 8, but up to 50 people. you want to skills to video call WhatsApp for quite 8 people.

To note, WhatsApp recently had a replacement feature called Messenger Rooms. Indeed Messenger Rooms may be a video call service that was previously released globally on Facebook.

With this new update, you'll find a shortcut to 'create room' on WhatsApp. When tapped, an invitation will appear to be directed to the Messenger application. then, then you'll do video conferencing like Zoom.
  1. Well, here's the way to video call WhatsApp for up to 50 people using Messenger Rooms, on WhatsApp Web, or on cellphones. confirm your WhatsApp is updated to the newest version. 
  2. Select the WhatsApp contact or group which will be invited to the video call 
  3. Open the chat page with the WhatsApp contact or group 
  4. Click the clip icon within the chat bar (for WhatsApp on mobile) or at the highest right of the chat page (for WhatsApp Web) 
  5. Select the Messenger Rooms icon which seems like a blue camcorder. Then you'll be redirected to Messenger Then 'Create Rooms'.
If you're not logged in to Facebook, you'll be asked to log in first, then there'll be a special link that you simply can copy to ask other users. Other users who click on this link will automatically join the Messenger Rooms conversation.

It's easy? Hopefully, this WhatsApp video call method for up to 50 people can assist you . Oh yes, this service has more features than the video call function that currently exists on Messenger and WhatsApp, of course, including support for creating video calls to dozens of individuals via desktop and mobile.