Find out 7 interesting facts about Software Engineer

A Software Engineer plays a role in applying software engineering principles for the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. Many IT scholars are vying to enter the company with this profession. 

Moreover, the salary offered is tempting, considering this profession is not easy to work with. Then, what are the interesting facts about Software Engineers that need to be known?

1. Salary 

A Software Engineer can earn an average salary in the range of Rp 5,000,000 to Rp 8,000,000 per month.  In fact, the longer the work experience of a Software Engineer the salary figure can be higher, which is about Rp. 30.000.000 per month.

2. Role 

Software Engineer essentially presents a solution to reduce the complexity of each project by dividing a set of big problems into several smaller problems.  Thus, problems can be solved with solutions that are worked on one by one.  Through this technique, each small problem can be solved independently of each other. 

3. Cost efficiency 

Most people focus on building software with millions of lines of program code. But in Software Engineering, programmers must plan everything and disseminate everything that is considered inserable. 

As a result, the production cost of software development can be reduced compared to other software developments that do not use the Software Engineering approach. 

4. Reference 

In the task of Software Engineering, there are various standards that can be used as a reference in the construction of effective software. 

Some of them are ISO 3535:1977 on form and chart design, ISO 5806/1984 on tables and information processing, ISO 5807:1985 on data documentation and conventions, and others. 

5. Male-dominated profession

It is undeniable that the profession of Software Engineer is indeed a profession that is dominated by many men. At least 88.6 Software Engineer jobs were filled by the Adams. 

Even in 2016, the number of men who chose this profession was close to 92 percent almost completely. This gender gap is suspected because most IT-related education is marketed specifically to men. Even so, this trend seems to change over time and women can also take a role in development. 

6. Have long working hours

Another interesting fact about Software Engineer is that behind having a large salary they must also be ready with long working hours. After they finish working 8 hours in the office, usually they will continue the project that is not at home until late at night.  A study said that on average about 44 percent of Software Engineer professions work a lot at night. 

7. One of the professions that need a lot of learning

Software Engineering will learn more from other jobs because it needs to follow the changing technology industry. This is demonstrated in a study, which stated that almost 48 percent of the profession learns many new skills compared to other jobs. 

By continuing to know the latest information, Software Engineering will know more about the changes in the technology industry faster and they will be proficient in their fields.

Those are some interesting facts about the profession of Software Engineer.