How to Find Top Trending Pinterest Keywords

Okay, let's start with the technical discussion. Here's the search flow for Pinterest's top trending keywords:


Make sure you have a Pinterest account, if not, please register at, but just create a business account at the following address:


Please log in using the account that you created and you will be directed to the Pinterest homepage.


In the upper left corner, please select ads and select the create ads sub-menu. You will be directed to the Pinterest ads page to carry out a campaign and must fill in the existing form first. Relax, the admin will guide the filling process for this campaign:

What's your campaign object? keep default: Traffic. Campaign details: campaign name please fill in as you wish. Suggestions just name your website or blog then Press the continue button.


Scroll down until you find the keyword text, Now to fill in these keywords, prepare a list of keywords according to the niche of your website or blog, but if you are confused, i will give you a solution for new ideas provided by Pinterest itself. Please search on google with the keyword: Pinterest 100. Take the idea from the page, choose what you want, if you can, please enter it into the search form as shown above.


Pinterest will give you the results of the keywords you enter, please copy and save these keywords in the database or in excel. Pinterest will display the first 25 keywords, please click Add All Result and copy, when it's just showing more, and so on until the number of keywords you want.

How? It's quite easy to get top trending from Pinterest, to increase your website or blog traffic, please manage these Keywords and name your shots using the keywords and save them on the website, then you can pin photos from the website to Pinterest using the existing plugins or you can use the API provided by Pinterest to automatic pin from the website to the Pinterest account.

That's the explanation from IT One First, if there are errors in writing or inaccurate words, please forgive. I also humans have a sense of belonging, don't confuse it with something that is not the same. Thank you.