django python tutorial : Understanding Django Framework

Understanding the Django Framework

Django is one of the web frameworks that use python programming language, DJANGO based on MTV is short for Model, Template and View. Understanding the Web framework is a useful tool to make it easier for programmers when creating web-based applications.

What is MTV?

If usually a framework is based on MVC (Model View Controller), in this djanggo aga slightly different that is using the MTV model where the understanding of MTV is as follows:

  1. Model, is a part that serves to perform iteration with the database.
  2. Templates, are the part that serves to organize the appearance in the form of XML or HTML.
  3. View, is a section that contains logic usually used to process data from the model can then be sent into the Template.

The Advantages Django Framework 

  1. The following are the advantages of django framework:
  2. Django is an Object-relational mapper that can define data from models in the Python programming language and then summon data using an Application programming interface to access that data.
  3. Django has an Automatic admin interface which is a useful facility for managing admin data, so we are not bothered to create it from scratch.
  4. Djanggo has elegant URL design feature that is easier and flexible URL management.
  5. Django has a template system which is one of the mainstay features for managing powerful templates.
  6. Django has a Cache system is one of the parts that we can use to create or manage caches easily.
  7. the latter is Internationalization which is useful for making it easier when creating web in different languages.

Understanding PIP in Python

PIP is short for Pip Installs Python or Pip Installs Package. is a program for package management in Python. PIP is useful for installing, removing, upgrading Python packages, and more. 

What is a Python package?

Pyhon Package is a module containing python codes and then the package can be imported into the program that we are creating.

Checking Modules with PIP

to check the modules that have been installed we can check using the PIP that runs at the command prompt / cmd. the steps are as follows:

Step 1 :

Open your command prompt. By typing cmd in the Windows searching box