7 Best income ideas can start

Seven different income with you guys Want to share about ways Which I was able to do at the age of 24. For people around twenty, This is not the general approach So I want to explain to you how I was able to do this, And actually the reason behind it That is exactly why I decided to do it.

So, it was all started at that time When I was 18 When I got my first real job. I worked for a startup company It was only two years in business, And I worked for them for four years until I was 21 years old. And when I was 21 years old, I depended on this income. I was making commissions over $ 17 an hour.

So, I was doing very well, but suddenly, My boss got an email saying his job, He was fired, which means I was also fired. So, just after waking up in the morning the next day, I found out that morning that I no longer had a job. It hit me like a ton of bricks Because this was the income on which I relied, And I had no experience of anything else While you are fired, Just like that without any explanation, I thought you would get notice.

I thought I would be able to plan something in advance. Therefore, I had no job at this time. This was when I had to go out and find another job. So, I got another job, And this was when I was 22 years old And I didn't want this again.

So, I started to look kind of And what were the ways that you can make money online. How do you protect it? How do you diversify? What do you do so that you don't just remove And then there is no job and no income? So, when I was working in this work, I started looking at different ways to make money And I had no money to invest, So I could not buy real estate. I could not invest in the stock market.

I did not have the money to invest upfront. So I had to find ways So that I can use my skills,

Or just use labor, Where I can spend my little time And then get money for that long. So, in short, the long story is that This is where the change started Instead of doing the same thing To diversify and start getting online income.

So, having said that, I worked in that job for only one year, And then when I was 23, and now 24, When I am working on online income streams. And now I am completely independent of any job, And the fun part is, Am i doing at least five times more As much as I ever did on salary.

So, I'm glad I made this change, And i'm just making this video Try to help your people get through this situation. Now, before I join these seven income streams, I really just want to give quick advice, And that is if you're working And you are going to undergo this change, Do not jump ship too quickly. You must build at least one fleet.

I mean you are on a ship right now, You have that income, Something you can trust If you jump on the bus, You quit your job, And you just decide I'm going to find out now How to do this, you have no income. you have nothing. You're just gonna drown.

So, what you need to do is at least one fleet. Start doing this, Start doing some of what I'm going to do To explain in this video You can count as long as you have some income. Even if it is the entire amount That you are putting in your work, You will have a fleet. You have something you can swim on for a while When you maintain it. And then, you will have another ship That you can count on that income.

Start working after hours, Once you quit your job, You can transition well as long as you have some. All right hope you guys Now some references on this. Now come to these seven passive income streams That I was able to make. So, the first one I suggest To start with anyone. 


Teespring is a print on demand platform Where you basically just design. You do not need any paid software for this. You can do this completely for free. There are some applications that will help you in designing, So you don't have to be an artist or a creative, But you're just making attractive, trendy things To put on t-shirt or mug Or various articles of clothing. And then you upload it to Teespring And it creates a virtual listing. And then people can come and buy it.

They pay for the whole thing. Teespring prints it and ships it, Takes care of customer service, And just puts the profit in your account That you can pay. This is good for anyone because there are no startup costs.

It's literally just you looking for ideas on the Internet, Creating them, and uploading them to Teespring. You can spend an hour after work every day, And you will be able to make five or six, Maybe 10 designs every day, Upload them to Teespring. And you start compounding it. You do this for some time, And then you have one hundred, 200, 300 different designs on teespring While you are still doing your full-time work.

You won't have to worry about it, But it must be making money in the background. So when you go home, you can check your account, see how much money you made on Teespring. This is a good way to build that raft. 

2.Merch by Amazon

What I found out is in Amazon. Well, they are also in print on demand. Similar to teespring, Amazon has a program called Merch by Amazon. Now, what is amazing about this is that it is non-exclusive. Now, the same design that you upload to Teespring, You can get those designs And upload them to Merch by Amazon. Now you're just going to get free traffic from people Going to search on Amazon Can also buy those designs. 

Maybe those people don't know about Teespring, So they didn't see it on Teespring, But he saw it on Amazon, doubling the money. And then, it's completely free to start, And you can just keep scaling with this And adding more and more designs.


Redbubble is another iconic print on demand company, And again, non-exclusive, Then you can upload the same design Merch by Amazon, from Teespring on Redbubble. Now, suddenly, I had three passive income streams, And they are all making money with the same design.

So, you can make it just as easy as I did, But this is a great way to do your job Having three passive income streams. So, that's all, you have three passive income streams That you just made, And you don't have to worry After you upload the design.

Now, given, there are more things That you can do in relation to marketing To sell more on print on demand. They will be linked in the video here, He is using social media, But you don't have to do that. While you are working full time, Just add to these things, Just upload design And let them do the marketing for you.

So, your first three are right there, And that's the first three I started. So, once I did some work on it And was making really good money Print-on-demand on these three sites, It was very life-changing for me. At the age of 23, you were not really To make a lot of money and do nothing Because it was very passive. So, at this point, I wanted to teach other people Which I did. So, I started at my university

And I wanted to bring a group of people together And teach them what I was doing on Teespring. For those who were interested, They can come like a meeting And I will show them what I was doing, And obviously for free, But only to share this information with people And see how they will achieve it.

So what happened here University really stopped me from doing this Because it was not in their curriculum, And I think maybe it went against some things That they were teaching in university courses, So I had to find a different way To share this knowledge. And this is where a friend of mine told me about Udemy, And that's how I started teaching courses on Udemy. So, Udemy is a course platform Where you can put a course together, And they sell very cheaply, And it's an easy way for people To purchase like a package course Which goes through a lot of things in detail.

So, I put together the very first Teespring course, And it turned out to be about 15 hours of Recorded content only when starting with your idea To start at Teespring, where I was at Teespring. Now, I'll finally trim it down Still on Udemy, for a more digestible course. And the good thing about Udemy Do you get one-by-one reviews with me. So, if you are one of those courses, I can help you one by one with your Teespring material. But that being said, that's how I started on Udemy. 

4.Teaching courses on Udemy

Once I did my first work on Teespring together, It went well because people liked it, And it was very helpful. Describing it in detail, step by step, It turned out to be a very effective way to do this. And it worked for me that I could teach this once, Do it in great detail, and do it very well, And then anyone can buy it from that point forward That presentation will be found. Therefore, there were no days or days off.

It wasn't that I was teaching it personally I was sick that day, And could not be present on the first day. Or forgot to mention something. It's all predetermined and perfect For each student going forward. So, once these four were installed And walking by myself, I started looking for additional ways Creating income streams. 

5.Affiliate marketing website

Now, the next one for me was an affiliate marketing website. So, I decided to try it for myself, And I made some niche affiliate marketing websites To see what works and what doesn't work, Try all these strategies for yourself And see what the result is.

And to this day, I have one that I focus on, It is in a specific place, And the way it works is about a place. So, when someone's search is something related To a niche on Google, my site is, And if you do it properly, Your site will come up with specific questions That they are typing.

Now they are on your website, And what they are looking for maybe the answer Through your website on Google, And then in the post, you are answering their question, You can put in links to affiliate products. Something that is relevant to the question they are asking Something you've tried You really trusts and you advise, You can enter an affiliate link through that article.

So when someone goes, They are reading articles, and they are like, Oh, the product I'm looking for is perfect for that, They can click on it. On Amazon or wherever you are referring to That product through an affiliate network And they can buy it.

And then the website they bought it from Gives you a commission to send That traffic and that sale is happening. You are going to get the bulk of your traffic Through Google search. They come right to your website You do nothing, Read articles, get answers to them, And if they like the product, They click on it and they buy it.

You get a commission. This is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. And just make sure you do this at a specific place. If you normalize it, it is not going to work. Now, in building this niche affiliate marketing site, I wanted to try some of my things To see if it would actually work.

6.YouTube video

So, what I tried to do was make a YouTube video Instead of blog articles on the site, And to see what would work to insert An associated proposal is in the description below. So, actually doing the review video where it started The different Udemy courses that I took. I have taken many Udemy courses, I have done a lot of Fiverr jigs.I've tried many things that some people are going through To go in and not know who to choose.

So, I will review that product or that course, And then put your affiliate link for that Udemy course, Or that Fiverr gigs in details. So, people can watch YouTube videos, Get real-time video reviews of that course, And if they like it, They can click on the link in the description. This is true of course, they cost nothing else, But i get a dollar or two From Udemy or from Fiverr.

But the same of affiliate marketing on YouTube Using the concept. And what is good about YouTube, Is this a search engine, So people are typing in the same thing, They are typing in the questions they use on Google Will be typing and looking for answers in video format. This is the only difference. How cool is it too Google and YouTube are, they are owned together? So, some of your searches on YouTube have filters on Google. 

7.Ebates referral program

Now, hear me out on this one because so many People reject it before I even explain what it is. But Ebates is a plugin that you keep on your computer And as soon as you shop on the Internet, Coupon codes will pop up and you will get cashback When you are buying something. This is basically to save you money, However, if you refer someone, send your link, This is basically your affiliate link, Or your referral link to your Ebates account, to someone else.

They install the plugin and then they go And they end up purchasing things online for $ 25. Maybe in a year from now. If they use it to save money And they get the money back, The reason they are saving that cash back or coupon, When they spend $ 25, they get $ 10 from Ebates, And you get $ 25 to refer them. So, this is such a simple way, it costs you nothing. But you just create an Ebates account, Share your link with Facebook, family and friends. It is very easy to get 10 people very quickly, And it's $ 250. But you just share the link with people.

Now, if they don't already, They just click, they install it for free, And then once they use it to buy $ 25, They will get 10 rupees and you will get 25 rupees. So, this is a very easy way to make money online, And it can be passive. You do a huge marketing job in the beginning. You can share it everywhere on Facebook Do what you possibly can, And you will sign up all kinds of people. And then you wait.

You can use Ebates for them Wait to spend $ 25 online So they get the money back, And then they will start converting in the future. It may take a month, Or they may take two months to spend $ 25 online.

But, like Amazon Ebates is one of the partner sites. So when they buy $ 25 worth of goods on Amazon, It is being counted as a conversion. And then Ebates gives them 10 rupees and gives you $ 25. So, you do all the work in advance And then you just watch as they change And you collect your money As they are converting down the road.

So, hopefully shed some light On these seven different income streams I was able to make online until I was 24 years old. And a couple parting notes, The pieces of advice I learned from this, One, to diversify. Build as many of these income streams as you can. Seven is a good number for the purpose. They say that the average amount is actually The income streams that a millionaire has But seven is a good number regardless.

And the reason I say it is When you are working for nine to five jobs, And this is your only source of income, It is not really as safe as we think. You can be fired as I experienced. You sleep, you wake up the next morning, You no longer have a job.

And this is common. I know someone Who worked in a company for seven years And was just fired from his position. At the end of the day, you are working for a business, And they make business decisions.

Not in the business of a company Just to keep your salary up, And you make more and more money. They are in the business of making money And that can often be at the cost of their employees. So keep that in mind, And when you start making money for yourself, You can diversify and you can put in As many security measures as you want.

When you have seven income streams, If one of them goes out, You have another six, And it buys time to make you all That seventh again somewhere else, Or eight or nine or 10 Depending on how firm you are, You can create as many of these income streams as you want. And the best part is You can make them as big as you want.

And by having an online income stream, You can use the scale to your advantage. When you go in and do you nine to five things, Is just one of you. That's all you can do and you're only going To pay hourly, or whatever.

When you have online income streams, you can measure it. When you have one hundred, 500, A thousand different prints on-demand design Every Teespring, Merch, and Redbubble, You are on a larger scale now.

It's not just you going in and trying To sell a T-shirt to someone at work. Now you have 500 on each of these things Just floating around to buy people. When you start to scale things, This is online income Begins to be really powerful.

Not only are you financially independent and diverse, But you can actually make more money A salary is on the job before you. And I am saying that speaking from experience. And the last piece of advice I have on this For any of you who are starting on this one of these has to be built at a time.

Do not go in and try to make prints on-demand, And an affiliate marketing site, And a YouTube channel, and all of it at once. There is still much to focus on. You have only 100% energy throughout the day. Now, if you are going to put 10% energy Into 10 different things, which will be 100% of yours, But you will never develop anyone with those things Because you are only putting 10%. I recommend doing one thing at a time.

So, this is actually by you The order to go does not matter. Obviously, I recommend starting with print on demand Because you can scale that very quickly, And it costs nothing, But make sure you're applying 100% of Your energy in one thing Until it is sufficiently developed or Where are you happy with Then proceed.