What Should We Know Before Buying a Domain Name

What Should We Know Before Buying a Domain Name
Just got from blue fox creative and I thought I would discuss some dmain name considerations when buying a domain name so there's either is typical there's either one of two situations that you're in right either have a company name and you need to find that company name on the internet or should I should say you need to have that domain name because you already have a company name or you're just now starting a business and you have that flexibility to kind of pick and choose any kind of name that you like the first situation is not unfortunately getting a .com I mean the endgame here folks are to get a .com name and the second goal is to you know make it so that it's easily memorable and unfortunately, coms are all taken up these days I don't want to say completely taken up but all the short dmain names that are under six characters and a lot of the common names your general English names have been bought up it wasn't that way ten years ago but now I mean it's just a cold hard the fact that's the case now so if you have to have a.com which is a good thing because everybody understands what a dot-com is you're going to have to sort of do some magic there to get to find one.

you know by using dashes which is not necessarily a good thing or by possibly using misspellings which is not necessarily a good thing you're going to have to settle basically unless you're willing to spend money unless that that unless the dmain name that you want is owned by a squatter and in that case you could just give them whatever they want it's a bidding process and you'll eventually, get it but that's another conversation for another time if you're lucky enough to have the flexibility to pick one then you're in good shape because there are many coms out there to this day that you could choose from and I'll discuss what to do in that respect so again what is it what is a good dmain name if it's under ten characters if you can get the dot-com that would be absolutely awesome and dot .net as would be my second choice the name is simpleton to remember it doesn't necessarily have to be directly related to what you do as a business or what you want to do but if it's memorable you win okay and if you can avoid using dashes dashes aren't necessarily good for helping people remember.

okay what else we got okay yeah finding a name so there are a lot of websites out there that will help you with finding words that will work and after they find the word that you're looking for they will tell you whether or not it's available as a dot-com or a.net which is great saves a ton of time one of those me one of those companies is called cool name ideas com that's a cool name ideas com let me go back to the front page here real quick so when you get to the front page click the business you know if you have a business click the business button and this is what's different than another name finding websites they ask you some questions that are really really great first, they want to know what words would best

describe your company so let's pretend I have a pool company I'll type in the pool I'll type in the water right I consider my business I you know when I stand out I'll say that what I as an, for example, I'm known for getting things done quickly.

so I'll type in quick I like crystal colored water we fight to make your water crystal whatever crystal the type that in and that's good for now and then here's what's really neat what type of misses are you naming and let's say group it says what benefit will your business bring up to the customer these are not normally asked for name finding websites so we'll select low price what style of business are you naming easy cool so they're asking for like almost characteristics here masculine passion let's do happy joy right and then it wants to make sure you're not a robot stop the automated robots from scraping their content hit generate domain or domains and it's going to go out and begin checking their database and it will return suggested names now again when it comes time to choosing a great dmain name for your company.

shoot for calm but don't be overly concerned about the name directly reflecting what you do ok you can use you can have one word maybe that involves your company but you don't have to it doesn't have to be so here are names it that it's found quick crystal I mean that's kind of easy to remember right up the pool, I like that one that's a great one let's go with an up pool I'll click that let's see what it says up the pool, comm is not available, oh man that stinks Wow alright we have to continue water be not available to let's see real quick here hmm pool highs pool mojo alright pool mojo is available but pool mojo is not available on Twitter so that's also you know it's kind of consideration when choosing a domain name.

these days social media has become so desirable that when you sign up with your social media it's also awesome and great to have the domain name as the username for Twitter for your account name for Twitter and Facebook right that way all your Ducks are in a row your Twitter account is pool mojo your Facebook account is a pool mojo your dmain name is Palma Joe everything's pool mojo so it actually makes finding a good dmain name a little bit more difficult because those accounts are taken already on social in In this case pool mojo is not available on Twitter so you know it takes it's going to take a bit more time but for this, for In this tutorial we're going to stick with pool mojo so that's a business name generator to really create the site I only recommend it for finding names okay there are some other ones here dmain name soup is a good one they provide some tools and lead or lean domain search is also very good okay the best registrar's okay so in my opinion there's two registers that are that are the best the number one my favorite all-time favorite registrar is called.

Namecheap they're very popular they've been around for a long time they're definitely there definitely, they've made updates to the way their administration panel works they are always upgrading it making it simpler they're concerned about usability they are just a good solid the company I've had in with them for five to seven years I can't really remember but I believe in for quite a long time they're good GoDaddy is also a good company one of the benefits with GoDaddy is that if you want to transfer the a domain which means move the ownership of the domain to one go to any account to another it's very very simple typically doing a dmain name transfers highly is fairly complex there are all kinds of steps and sometimes you're not sure when if you did the step right and whether or not the thing is still in progress and it's fairly complex but when you're doing it with GoDaddy easy from like from one GoDaddy account to another their admin panel is not you know it's not that great but they're not bad as a registrar.

I would go with Namecheap if we're my choice so and then finally buying your domain name so you have your domain name you're ready to rock and roll you're ready to buy it you log into your read you set up an account with your registrar and they ask you some questions and one of the key questions are what is your email address okay so they use your email they're going to use your email address as the primary source for correspondence if your dmain name expires right and a couple of years go by and it's ready in your domain names ready to expire and that email that you provided is no longer in use and they send you a warning and say hey it's about to expire send us more money and you don't get the message and you forget right and you forget to send off money.

what happens is the dmain name spot of squatters will come in and buy it and buy the domain it right out from underneath of you your website will go dead right it'll just die because ownership was Mott was changed and they switch it switches the how the where the dmain name is pointing to your site goes down and then you have to go to them to buy it back now they're not going to ask for ten dollars a month which is the typical fee they're going to ask for over a thousand or more they're going to try to get as much money out of you as possible to get that dmain name back it's not exactly the most moral business in the world but those guys are out there and it happens all the time and these guys are making so much money in this industry and doing this.

okay so don't get yourself trapped in that situation all right so your email must be valid valid valid and it should be valid for a long time I would recommend going out and getting a Google email address and then forward it to whatever address you want that's that's a good way of handling it also the second thing is to buy as much time as you can by the total amount that they will allow you to buy I believe Namecheap gives you up to five years possibly ten it's only ten or eleven dollars a month to get accom just spend fifty bucks and have it for five years right why bother worrying about your domain name expiring every year you know don't get stuck into that possibility registered for a long time put the date be conscious of when the date the expiration date is to make sure you find it does it do a search on google for what is known as who is after you buy the domain who is calm and type in your dmain name and it will tell you the expiration date take that date and write it on your computer's calendar it's going to be if it's five years from now it'll be 2021 right today it's 2016 now that way your the computer will remind you your email is valid.

you'll receive correspondence from your registrar you won't you'll be warned and you'll have it on your calendar it's almost it's a double double insurance there for you and then after so after you get that got that all squared away the next step is to get your hosting right so you always have one company as you register and you always have one company as your host you don't have them as one you always keep a degree of separation from the two always so after you have your domain name all ready to go you go out and buy your hosting okay and after you get your hosting the hosting company will send you credentials for your account your FTP credentials and how to get into the administration panel at the hosting company and one of the things they'll send you is what's called the DNS addresses or the dynamic name server addresses and that's what you use at the registrar to direct the dmain name to the web host location right.

so when you type in pool mojo com because you put those DNS addresses into the registrar count all traffic goes from the dot-com right into the web host that you purchased and that's when you see your website because your website files would have been posted there so I'm going to show you how to do that on Namecheap real quick it's not difficult to let's go there now so I've logged into my the account here I'm going to go in and just show you I'm not going to change it actually but I'll just show you how it worked where you do make that change.

okay so what you do is you down it you click this down arrow and it gives you some choices if you want to modify the custom DNS that's it custom DNS the address that's not named cheeps address hit that and then you enter what your the host sent you via email when you bought the hosting with them and typically there are two addresses sometimes there's more if there's more than you just hit you enter the first two then you hit the plus and it gives you some more and I believe you can just keep on going and going and going and going I don't know why you would want more than three but they provide you that capability once you enter the names then you hit the check and it saves it after it saves the change does not occur right away the the change has to propagate over all the servers all over the planet Earth in order for it to work it's gotten much faster than it used to be I've seen it switch over in about two hours you know I've seen it happen in two hours usually it gets you to know the change occurs within four hours typically to be safe I'll say that it happens within four to eight hours. 

okay it used to be it took a day to two days but now it's four to eight hours it's pretty fast and I'm sure in another twenty years it'll be almost instantaneous but for now it takes that long so don't expect your the dmain name to automatically switch over to your website right away after doing this it's going to take time and that's pretty much it I mean I you know really what's important is to make sure that you're aware of that expiration date I've been in situations where the client calls me up and they say hey my the website's down I don't know what's wrong and I go in and I do a Whois search to find out what their expiration date is and here they change their email with a registrar.

so the registrar was warning them and they didn't get the warning message and then domain not got purchased right out from underneath of they and there are out of luck even they came up with a large sum of money to pay the ransom from the dmain name squatter to get it back or they had to just settle and get a new dmain name which is a real pain in the but because if you have you know your calling cards and your and your cover letters and everything wherever it's printed on could be enormously expensive so don't get stuck in that situation okay make sure that the email that you submit to your registrar is going to be valid for a very long time.