Oppo A92 Review

this OPPO A92 have 5000 mAh battery is huge huh, I can use this smartphone until the whole day  even then for relatively intense activities with the internet such as watching streaming movies to playing online games even both activities are pretty draining battery life.

If totaled, the screen on time can be translucent   barely 10 hours therefore, a typical fast charging charger is needed  so that it can recharge quickly.Well, at OPPO A92 this has also been equipped   a typical fast charging charger with 18W output.

For recharging from 10% to half charged it only took 35 minutes. A total of 2.5 hours for a 100% refill or completely full. Yes, again this is still quite fast for a 5000 mAh battery.

Well, you could say that this OPPO A92 is complete package for mid-range smartphones  the competition is getting tougher these days.

Have a contemporary design, yes, Got a high resolution camera, huh Got a smooth performance to do a lot of things, huh and have a jumbo capacity battery to accompany work.

while enjoying multimedia content for a full day is also on this smartphone Indeed, this smartphone is not 100% perfect but the OPPO A92 is arguably 'all in good' because whether cheap or expensive, it all comes back to  tastes, needs and definitely your budjet.

Okay, that's all my opinion about the OPPO A92 first.