Iphone Mobile Phone Size Comparison

I've had quite a few emails and comments lately asking me what the difference is in size between the iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro max as compared with one another and compared with older phones, as well so quite a few people have been asking this because they don't necessarily have access to an electronic store or an Apple store that has all of them in stock or maybe they don't have an older phone to compare it.

with so I wanted to help hopefully help you figure out which one is the right size for you and so with the iPhone 11 Pro, for example, they're very nice in size but to compare it with something that's a little bit older not terribly old but a little bit older here's an iPhone 8 so an iPhone 8 next to an iPhone 11 Pro if we put them side-by-side you'll see that the iPhone 11 Pro is a little bit wider and it's a little bit taller. 

so if that gives you an idea it's not much bigger but it is a little bit bigger it's the same size as the iPhone X or XS so if that gives you an idea there might be a slight thickness difference but they're very very similar now when it comes to the iPhone 11 while this phone is identical in size in every way to the iPhone XR.

so if you've seen an XR then you know the size of the 11 - the slight changes on the back but as far as the size is concerned compared to that same phone the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 8 you'll see that it' definitely narrower and it's much shorter than the iPhone 11 so that gives you an idea and then maybe you're coming from an iPhone se or 5 or 5s this will give you an idea of the size of the 11 so there's a very big size difference between them.

let me just put this here to give you an idea side-by-side with the iPhone 11 Pro and that will give you some idea of its actual size the iPhone 11 is a little bit thicker than the phones you've probably used before if you haven't had an XR for example but it's a good size and feels really comfortable in the hand now with the iPhone 11 pro max this is a very heavy phone because of its construction of stainless steel and glass, but also with the extra camera and a larger battery than we've had before it definitely gives it a little bit more weight but for actual size or dimensions it's about the same size as an iPhone 6s plus a 7 plus or an 8 plus or an XS Max. 

so if you look at it from side to side it's about the same width but the thickness is a little bit thicker than what we've had before as far as any of the iPhone Pro or plus sizes so you'll see it's fairly thick from height a height perspective or top to bottom it's very very similar to a 6s, plus it's very close maybe a little bit shorter and then from the width, it's just about the same size they're very similar in size but there's a noticeable weight difference just because of their construction if you've had an XS, Max, you're going to know the size of this pretty much but this is a little bit heavier but everything else is a little bit bigger so to put these.

In perspective if you've never seen them all side-by-side let me turn them over here this should give you an idea of the actual size so they have varying specs of course throughout the years but the actual size differences are significant going from the 5s size which is pretty funny because I used to think.

this was a big phone all the way up to the 11pro max which is a huge phone you'll see it fits under the camera bump on the 11pro max so it will fit under the camera bump and go down not all the way to the bottom and just fit easily there that's how big the 11pro max is so hopefully that gives you an idea of the size.

which one will work for you when it comes to the thickness they're all fairly similar the 11pro max the XR the 11 and the 11 Pro are all similar when it comes to thickness but overall they're very close to one another now for me personally I go with the iPhone 11 Pro max because well it fits comfortably in my hands are quite large and when I go back to say an 11 Pro for example or even an older phone they just feel incredibly small I like the size of the display it's easier to read for me and that's why I choose the 11 Pro max. 

but you may want to choose different phones for different reasons and obviously, it's going to depend on the size of your hands and what's comfortable for you so hopefully, that gives you an idea of which one might be right for you let me know which size is best for you to do you prefer.

phones would you rather go back to something even smaller such as an iPhone 4 or 4s or maybe you want something even bigger maybe even a bigger phone than 11 pro max let me know what you think in the comments below if you'd like to get your hands on the wallpaper that I have on my 11 pro max.