Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

In front of me is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. When this device is turned on, you will immediately see the selfie punch hole of the camera with 10MP resolution with f / 2.2 openings. In this section, there is a power button and a volume button. On the left it is plain. No, nothing. At the bottom of this is the S-Pen speaker grill. USB Type-C and microphone.
For the top, there is another microphone and SIM slot, if for example, you try to open the hybrid SIM slot, so you can use a microSD card at the expense of 1 SIM slot. Then, to the back. The Samsung logo is now offside down so the center is plain.

There are 12MP Ultra-Wide cameras, 108MP main cameras, and 12MP 5x Optical Zoom, Periscope, and Telephoto. Okay, the fingerprints were set up so, let's just try it. Okay, hurry up ?! Here we already use the latest OneUI, 2.5 on Android 10. The chipset uses Exynos 990 for those released in Indonesia.
This smartphone is a 256GB storage type and the remaining 203GB of memory is 8GB and the remaining 3.4GB Three points so Giga has been used. This screen already uses a 2X Dynamic AMOLED screen so, this smartphone has a 120Hz refresh rate but unfortunately, that's for FullHD + resolution. If you use a higher resolution, then you can't use it. 120Hz here is limited to 60Hz only.
Thanks to this screen too, the S-Pen here is quite responsive. He said that the S-Pen is more responsive to the point where the latency is only 9 milliseconds.

Wow, great!

The thing I like the most about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the camera sector. this is the camera UI. We try to snap. If we want to use the 108MP one, besides these, there are also 12MP Ultra-Wide and 5x Telephoto Zoom.
But, the thing I like the most is the Video Pro section. Well, for Video Pro, you can adjust the White Balance as usual, you can adjust the Focus too, then Shutterspeed. Everything can be adjusted, including ISO.

The thing I like is that there is an Audio Monitoring Level and we can freely choose which microphone we want to use whether it is on the back, front or Omni or around USB or Bluetooth. That's why, in this unboxing video, I also use the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to record the video. For photos, you can check here.
When recording 4K at 30fps, the lens can be changed from Ultra-Wide to Wide ... and Telephoto 5x Zoom. This is the result. The front camera of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can also record up to 4K 60fps.

Apart from that, there is also Super Slow-Mo at 720p 960fps but that's actually already there from the previous Samsung series. now I want to try to connect the Galaxy Buds Live to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. When opened, there is a window to connect directly to Galaxy Buds Live. Directly open the Galaxy Wearable application, you can just continue.
Here there is Active Noise Canceling and it can be activated. Then, there is an Equalizer option and there is a Normal Bass Booster option, either Soft or soft

Next, I tried playing PUBG Mobile and I was able to maximize this graphic setting to HDR with an Ultra frame rate. But if you want it to run smoothly, I prefer Smooth-Extreme to make it stable at 60fps. It's cool, the dual speakers here are one and there is one here. So, this dual stereo speaker is really cool.
Not to forget, the S-Pen here is also very responsive. I really like wearing it. The screen is also 120Hz, so it's very convenient to use this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.